VAULT Festival Awards

What Is VAULT Festival?

VAULT is London’s biggest annual celebration of the arts, featuring theatre, comedy, music and much more. In 2017, its fifth year, we welcomed 50,000 guests over six weeks. We’re committed to helping emerging artists find an audience and develop their work without being exploited. Further information can be found at

The Awards

Since 2015, the VAULT Awards have been presented annually to performances and companies which have exemplified the spirit of the festival, achieved artistic excellence, or both. The Awards panel consists of the Festival Directors, the festival staff, and numerous others, including industry professionals, previous winners, theatre makers and more. The awards are presented on the VAULT stage on the final Sunday.

VAULT Festival Awards

Show Of The Week Awarded weekly to an exceptional production from the Theatre programme.
Festival Spirit Awarded weekly to companies representing the core VAULT values.
Origins Awarded weekly to an outstanding new show (fewer than two public perfor-mances prior to their VAULT run).
People’s Choice Awarded weekly to the show which has achieved the most word-of-mouth support (including via an online audience poll).
Comedy Award Awarded weekly to an exceptional production from the Comedy programme.
Best Newcomer Awarded to the most exciting newcomer in the Comedy programme
Show of The Year Selected at the close of the Festival from the Show Of The Week winners
Highly Commended Awarded weekly to shows which deserve special recognition.

Programming Awards

Show Of The Week Awarded weekly to an exceptional production from the Theatre programme.
Festival Spirit Awarded weekly to companies representing the core VAULT values.

New Writers Award

8 selected participants will receive mentoring and support to draft a 60-minute piece for stage, of which a 15-minute extract will be guest directed, cast, produced and performed over two finale showcase evenings to an audience made up of invited industry and the public.

VAULT New Writers Awards offers a total introduction to writing for stage and is therefore not a programme for people who have done multiple writing courses before. We will start right at the beginning, with the basics, with the course being non-patronising and inclusive. Read more about the award here.


Plays from VAULT

Each year, Nick Hern Books publishes a collection of texts from selected performances at that year’s Festival. The opportunity to apply to be part of it is extended to all VAULT shows once programming is confirmed.

VAULT Festival Awards 2017: The Winners


A Hundred Different Words For Love

This Must Be The Place

by Charly Clive & Ellen Robertson

A Hundred Different Words For Love
by James Rowland

This Must Be The Place
by Brad Birch & Kenneth Emson

This Is Not Culturally Significant
Out of Spite Theatre

by Tristan Bernays

by Oli Forsyth

Becoming Shades
Chivaree Circus

A Colder Water Than Here
by Matt Jones

Astronauts of Hartlepool
by Tim Foley

Mars Actually
Superbolt Theatre

Living A Little
by Finlay Bain

Maisie Says She Loves Me
by Jimmy Osborne

Exactly Like You
by Lotte Rice

Greywing House
by Molly Beth Morossa

Great Train Robbery
Scratchworks Theatre Company

Jamie Saves the World
by James Alexander

The ‘Neath
Dean Rodgers & Specifiq

The Celtic Season
Over The Limit

A Year From Now
RedBellyBlack Theatre Company


The Swarm
The Quorum

The Owle Schreame

The Long Trick
by Marietta Kirkbride in association with Bucket Club

by Joe Sellman-Leava

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