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Thoughts from the team as we work towards programming, launching and enjoying VAULT Festival 2018.

“Goes from strength to strength with a vibrant, varied programme full of theatrical treats… a brilliant place to spot new talent…”
The Stage

“One of the most diverse and eclectic lineups of any arts festival in the capital.”
This Is Cabaret

“The epitome of underground theatre… a cavernous treasure trove… the spirit of the Fringe is alive, well and thriving in SE1.”
A Younger Theatre

So You’re Applying To A Festival

It's Application Time! We’re committed to making the process as rewarding – and pain free - for artists as we possibly can. As one of the Festival Directors, I’ve sat on all the programming panels we’ve had so far, and I thought it might be useful to publish a few notes & tips about making an application that we don’t quite have room to fit into the official Guidelines documents. read more

The Road To VAULT 2018

I'd like to welcome to the first of what we’re hoping will be a continuing season of blogs and updates about the VAULT Festival process. We’ve not done something like this before, but with any luck it’ll provide a bit of insight into what goes into making VAULT Festival (and other things like it) a reality, with some big overview stuff alongside some more detailed day-to-day items. We’ll do our best not to make it incredibly dull, but some of that is going to depend where you sit on the “how the sausage gets made” question. read more