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Thoughts from the team as we work towards programming, launching and enjoying VAULT Festival 2018.

“Goes from strength to strength with a vibrant, varied programme full of theatrical treats… a brilliant place to spot new talent…”
The Stage

“One of the most diverse and eclectic lineups of any arts festival in the capital.”
This Is Cabaret

“The epitome of underground theatre… a cavernous treasure trove… the spirit of the Fringe is alive, well and thriving in SE1.”
A Younger Theatre

The Jigsaw Puzzle

We often talk about this part of the programming process as the “big jigsaw puzzle”; where we try and slip, slot and slide the shows that have been successfully selected to be part of the programme into the most suitable dates, slots, and venues for that show – virtually simultaneously. But to call it a “jigsaw puzzle” isn’t entirely correct. That implies there’s a finite combination of possibilities and that there’s one perfect outcome (or pretty picture of a steam train trundling through the old English countryside) at the end of it. Which as anyone could hazard a guess, isn’t the case.

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Nebula of Ideas

Imagine the imaginations of a thousand imaginative people. They are all distinct. Not only are they all individual, but here at the ideas stage, they are also totally unreal, and utterly without form. Now, we begin the slow process of bringing as many as we can into reality.

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Programming Part 2: Offers

We’ve now finished reading through every single application you’ve sent our way – and this year it’s been a lot. We’ve had more than 1,000 applications across the Theatre, Comedy & Lates programmes. You’ve made this the most popular applications window we’ve ever had: so here’s what happens next.

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Progress Update: What’s Been Happening

Anyone working in the arts knows the feeling. Some people use the swan image – smooth sailing on top, frantic business down below. Others use metaphors like the start of a rollercoaster, or a mountain climb, or an airplane taking off. I’m not sure any of them do justice to the truth of what it feels like to be in the final days of the submissions window for VAULT.

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Jigsaws, Twiglets & Blood: Programming VAULT

The deadline is approaching. You’ve only got until 31st August to get your VAULT Applications in. We know that’s pretty stressful – so to cheer you up, I thought I’d write a little bit about how we actually go about the programming bit of VAULT – a great galleon of over-excitement being tossed around by endless waves of admin.

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Feast and Feaster: Edinburgh Awaits

Let me see if I can tell you why I don’t really care what’s on at the Edinburgh Fringe. Sure, there’s a definite magic to seeing a wonderful, unexpected show, like Bert and Nasi’s Eurohouse last year at Summerhall, something out of the blue that lifts your soul out of...

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Can you believe it’s August already? Which can only mean that it’s also nearly time for the 70th edition of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Are you ready? Have you picked your shows yet? Are you taking a show (or nine) up there? In this blog, I’m going to explore how VAULT and “the fringe” relate to one another, and also give some of my tips for which shows to watch out for at 2017’s festival fringe.

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LATES: An Invite To The Party

The LATES are really fun. If you’ve not been to one, they’re fairly easy to describe: a big takeover of all the ‘public’ spaces in The Vaults, along one theme, from 10.30pm until the early hours. You can now apply directly to run a LATE in the same way you can a theatre or comedy show. Here’s why.

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Year-Round Learning

Hello! Planning VAULT is a bit of a year-round thing. We generally start having conversations about “next year” halfway through a current Festival, as that’s the most pertinent time: we have all the best resources at our disposal (a live site, audience members,...

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So You’re Applying To A Festival

It’s Application Time! We’re committed to making the process as rewarding – and pain free – for artists as we possibly can. As one of the Festival Directors, I’ve sat on all the programming panels we’ve had so far, and I thought it might be useful to publish a few notes & tips about making an application that we don’t quite have room to fit into the official Guidelines documents.

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