We’ve all made deals with the Devil.
Tonight’s your chance to wipe the slate clean or pay off what’s owed…

Part interactive experience, part pop-up bar, part durational performance, The ‘Neath is an immersive fantasy created for VAULT Festival 2017.

The ‘Neath is also the featured show of the VAULT Festival’s brand new Membership scheme: members can attend free.

Enter a bar run by the Devil, and filled with the creatures of myth and legend. For the brave ones, you’ll find encounters in every nook and cranny – we dare you to explore the shadows and return to the world with your conscience intact.

Join us for a dark delight brimming with interactive performances from some of London’s finest immersive theatre makers. We invite you to explore our subterranean theatrical world, each ticket allowing as many return visits as you please to delve deeper into the many mysteries of The ‘Neath and meet all its motley clientele.

The ‘Neath is the latest creation from the minds behind The Crystal Maze Live Experience, Heist, Mystery at the Museum and Boomtown Festival.

Questions? Check the FAQs.


How long is the experience?
Buying a ticket to The ‘Neath allows you to book for a 90 minute slot as well as return to the immersive experience any time between 22-26 February (availability depending).

What is the experience?
The ‘Neath is part interactive experience, part pop-up bar and part durational performance. There is a central storyline that guests can view, engage with and affect alongside various installations and scenes created by some of London’s leading immersive theatre companies. Guests are invited to engage with these stories as much or as little as they wish.

Is there a bar?
The ‘Neath offers a fully stocked bar and a secret cocktail menu.

What is the latest arrival time?
It is important that you arrive on time for your reserved slot. Any remaining places will be opened up to other ticket holders after fifteen minutes.

What is the dress code?
There are no specific dress requirements for ‘The Neath, but it’s likely the bar regulars will reward guests who make an effort. Our optional theme is: Distressed and Possessed.

Is there a minimum age requirement?
All guests must be 16 years or over to access The ‘Neath.