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Music/Performance. 15th – 19th Feb, 22:30, £15.

An immersive, cinematic, electronic music experience. Have you ever danced to a story?

ANDRODES is an audio-visual event like no other – live electronic music performed against the backdrop of projected 3D visuals that will transport you to another world.

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ANDRODES is a one of a kind audio-visual experience that combines projected 3D visuals with electronic music to tell the story of an android called ANI.

Performed live by emerging artist SARTORY, using a custom built, gesture-controlled electronic music console, you’ll be transported to a digital world filled with robots, alien landscapes and more.

The story delves into the themes of artificial intelligence, identity and design through the eyes of ANI, an android who becomes conscious through a manufacturing error and explores her world in search of her true purpose.

Part music event, part immersive experience, remember to bring your dancing shoes!

SARTORY is an emerging musician who draws on her background in film and classical music to bring the emotion of cinema to dance music. She describes her sound as “Cinematronica”. She has previously written for “Exposure”, “The Collaborative Orchestra” and “Run” by Stephen Laughton, a prize-winning play at last years’ Vault festival. ANDRODES is her first live audio-visual show.

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