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Bechdel Theatre Podcast


Podcast/Theatre. 1st Feb, 18:10, £9.

Podcast using the Bechdel test to talk about gender in theatre. Beth Watson and Pippa Sa review and recommend plays that pass the Bechdel test, and interview prominent women in theatre.

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A new Podcast from @BechdelTheatre, the campaign to encourage conversations about gender in theatre using the Bechdel test for representation, which asks:
Are there two women on stage?
Do they talk to each other?
About something other than a man?

Beth Watson and Pippa Sa talk women, gender, and feminism on stage. They challenge each other and their audience to compare theatre’s stories to the ones we see on film, TV, and in the media.

The podcast includes reviews and recommendations of shows that pass the Bechdel test, as well as interviews with women in theatre, and feminist theatre-makers.

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