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Escapemobile: Houdini’s Last Trick

Escapemobile. 28th Jan – 5th Mar, £9
Wed, Thu, Fri from 18:30
Sat & Sun from 16:00

Escapemobile takes the international trend of Escape Games on the road with: “Houdini’s Last Trick”

Escapemobile offers a new and exciting twist on the escape game format. In teams of up to 5, our players are locked up with 20 minutes to escape. By packing our game into a van we aim to be able to take it anywhere: small towns, offices and festivals.

For VAULT Festival we present “Houdini’s Last Trick”: pitting audiences to the task of escaping from a challenge designed by the Great Houdini himself. They must escape handcuffs, chains and straightjackets by solving a variety of magic and illusion themed puzzles; from finding a secret message hidden in playing cards to cracking the combination to a locked trunk.

Our eccentric hosts, Houdini’s former apprentices, man the carnival style caravan that contains the game. They prepare and supervise the audience and even offer the occasional hint. After all, they say Houdini himself completed this challenge with the vehicle speeding towards a cliff…

Escapemobile is for teams of up to FIVE PLAYERS.
If you book fewer than five tickets, you may be escaping with strangers. Games last up to half an hour.

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About us:
Escapemobile is created by game maker and immersive theatre director Dean Rodgers (Heist, Time Run, The Crystal Maze), actor and comedian Tom Bell (Knightmare Live, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and writer and journalist Luke Graham.

Escapemobile is their first project together, borne out of an escape games tour of Prague. With their combined skills and knowledge in escape games, immersive theatre and comedy, The Houdini Escape promises to be a riotous and challenging experience.

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