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Jamie Saves the World


Comedy. 15th – 19th Feb, 21:00, £12.

A hero’s journey; minus the hero!

An epic, one man Sci-Fi adventure, taking us on a “hero’s journey” through wormholes, romance, hangovers, semantics, danger, Bruce Springsteen, comedy and the fate of the universe!

Unlike anything you’ve seen before! (But very heavily influenced by everything you’ve seen before.)

Imagination and Story Telling can be powerful weapons in the right hands. Jamie does not have those hands. He does have however an incredible hangover, crippling self-doubt and a few birthday presents.

Expect action, adventure, romance, intrigue and bingo!

About Jamie

James Alexander is “believable enough” – Edinburgh Evening Standard.

Jamie Saves the World is James Alexander’s first solo show, so please be gentle.

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