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Maisie Says She Loves Me


Theatre. 1st – 5th Mar, 20:30, £15.

“Maisie says she loves me. When she tells me this she has a look on her face like she’s at peace with the world. Connected to the planet and the people and the air and every damn atom of this Earth.”

Maisie loves Sheldon. Sheldon’s not so sure, but he’s always wanted a big family, and tonight you’re it. Don’t worry, he’s gentle and the drinks are on him. A play with heart that asks, ‘Does being strong mean keeping it all in?’

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Maise Says She Loves Me is published by Nick Hern Books as part of ‘Plays From VAULT 2’, available to purchase from our merchandise page here.

“I suffer from indigestion, but maybe it is not indigestion. Maybe it is love?”

We all want to love and be loved, but what if you just can’t let the feelings out? Because big boys don’t cry. What if you’re worried about what else might be released? Do you still take your chance?

A play about love and inheritance, Maisie Says She Loves Me has previewed at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre and the Paines Plough Roundabout with audiences calling it “spectacular” and “moving”.

For David and Jimmy’s adaptation of The Cement Garden:
“Leaves you effectively shaken.” ★★★★ Metro
“Adventurous and youthfully energetic” ★★★★ The Times
“Gloriously inventive, playful and full of heart” ★★★★ Fourthwall Magazine
“Experimental and adventurous.” ★★★★ The Public Reviews
“As sharp as can be… rancid, beguiling and playful.” ★★★★ The Sunday Times

Jimmy Osborne is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter. He and David Aula co-adapted Ian McEwan’s ‘The Cement Garden’, headlining the London VAULT Festival 2014. ‘An Empty Seat’, commissioned by The Stephen Joseph Theatre, dealt with cowardice and heroism during the First World War. ‘The Room Inside’, was selected by the Writer’s Guild as part of Playwright’s Progress and won a commendation at the Curve Theatre and BBC Writersroom Playwriting Award. Jimmy’s collected short plays have been published as ‘Transmission’.

David Aula makes theatre as a director, writer and performer. His work with Simon Evans, The Vanishing Man is on tour January and February 2017, having won the VAULT pick of the Week award in 2016. David also directed his and Jimmy’s co-adaptation of The Cement Garden at Vault 2014. He directed the world premiere of John Osborne’s (no relation) Personal Enemy in London and its New York transfer. He also recently co-wrote, directed and performed in Turn-table in South Africa and India.

Written by Jimmy Osborne
Directed and Performed by David Aula

Original music by Corasandel (Follow them on Twitter @Corasandelband)

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Please note that this event takes place at THE NETWORK THEATRE, next door to the The Vaults.
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