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Mme Bovary’s Communist After-Party


Theatre. 26th Jan, 18:10, £9.

At the behest of her daughter, an eccentric, tinder-addicted, God-fearing Romanian police interpreter shares her post-Communist tales of love, loss and the importance of contraception.

Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for…

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Ana’s family came to London as political refugees from Communist Romania in 1985 when she was five years old.

After years of hardship and rationing, they couldn’t  believe it; full shelves in the food heaven that was Sainsbury’s, not having to bribe your GP with American cigarettes and everyone sporting the ultimate symbol of Western freedom that they didn’t have to buy on the black market for a month’s wages; blue jeans.

Thirty years later, living in a flat in Tufnell park, possibly pregnant and unsure by whom, Ana decides to reconnect with her mother after seven years of sparse contact. It turns out she has become a God-fearing tinder-addict who is only too happy to talk. Through the conversations Ana is finally able to make sense of her past and why she has become, in her mother’s words, ‘a depressive under-achiever with a mild sex addiction’. Ana realises that heartbreak and the pathological fear of loneliness transcend any age.

Elena Procopiu, an Anglo-Romanian comic actor (Paines Plough, The One Show) explores her heritage and relationship with her mother in this filthy, irreverent and touching 50 minute play.

Directed by Sophie Lifschutz (National Theatre, Tricycle Theatre, BBC Eastenders  and Doctors) with associate director Fiona Kingwill

Elena Procopiu is an Anglo-Romanian actor, writer and multi-lingual voice-over artist. She has also worked as a comedian and presenter. Last year she was on The One Show presenting a piece she co-wrote championing Romanians in London. Last year, she was commissioned to write a show for Tamasha and most recently wrote and performed a monologue for Paines Plough for the national project Come to Where I’m From which has been immortalised on an app of the same name.

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