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Theatre. 1st – 5th Mar, 18:00, £12.
Matinee 4th Mar, 14:30

Find the answers before they find you. In the underground labyrinth of a secret government operation, will you be able to discover all the secrets in time or will you just become another victim of >taur_?

‘Pushing the boundaries of immersive theatre…’
★★★★ Thrifty Theatre

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‘MI5 thank you for your continued support in Project Taur. To reward you for your generosity we are pleased to invite you to the upcoming launch party of this exciting venture into the future of mankind.’

Approached by a woman who calls herself The Huntsman, you are quickly whisked away from a party celebrating the launch of the newest top secret government programme and taken into an underground bunker, the home of the mysterious Project Taur. Upon learning about a bizarre string of undeniably related missing people, you must enter the belly of the beast as you venture through the labyrinth of computer systems that make up Project Taur, with the aim of finding answers before they find you.

Working as a team you must make your way through a series of puzzles, codes and clues, fighting against the clock to discover the truth behind this latest clandestine operation. Do you have what it takes to make it back out of the maze alive? Or will you just become another victim of >taur_?

A dramatic, interactive retelling of the classic Theseus myth, >taur_ throws audiences into an exciting and immersive world. Let loose in a dark underground maze, players must throw themselves fully into the challenges set before them as their successes, failures and choices all help to shape their experiences and whether or not they make it out alive.

‘Pushing the boundaries of immersive theatre…’ ★★★★ Thrifty Theatre

BROKENSTEREO are a theatre company that tell extraordinary stories in extraordinary ways. Exploring ideas of game-play narrative, they create video-game-style worlds in which the story only reveals itself to those who play the game correctly. Rather than simply creating immersive environments for audience members to explore, BROKENSTEREO challenge audiences to forge their own theatrical experiences within the narrative that has been laid out.

Formed in 2013, BROKENSTEREO consists of Founding Artistic Director Daniel James Thompson and Creative Producer Izzi Richardson. BROKENSTEREO’s professional debut production, The Contemptible Case of Charles Peace (★★★★ – Thrifty Theatre) was part of Basic Space Festival 2016 and was supported by funding from Arts Council England. The production saw audience members enter a safe-house and work their way through a series of clues, puzzles and codes in order to solve a centuries old mystery.

BROKENSTEREO are very excited to present their second full-length production as part of VAULT 2017.


Director – Daniel James Thompson
Producer – Izzi Richardson

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