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What Shall We Do With the Cello?


Theatre. 8th – 12th Feb, 19:15, £12.
Matinee 11th Feb, 16:45

A storm, a waiting room, a cellist… You could go mad waiting for the deluge to stop. Matei Visniec’s comedy goes straight to the heart of intolerance and stupidity.

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A storm, a waiting room: the man with the newspaper, the woman with the veil, the old man with the stick. In a corner, the man with the cello is playing his instrument, ceaselessly. At first they listen to him, but very quickly the obsessing tune drives them mad. They try, taking turns, to convince him to stop…. But the man with the cello doesn’t want to, he doesn’t reply to them. He is playing, more and more menacing, alone against everybody… The others will have to organise themselves against this unexpected musical aggression… Matei Vișniec.

A funny and sharply relevant one-act play by Romania’s most prolific contemporary playwright, this surreal comedy goes straight to the heart of intolerance and stupidity. Featuring the intriguing live music of celebrated avant-garde composer Iancu Dumitrescu (Hyperion Ensemble).

“You emerge both intellectually informed and emotionally moved” – Michael Billington in The Guardian on Vișniec’s Young Vic production of The Body of a Woman as a Battlefield in the Bosnian War

“A wonderful production with powerful, inciting theatrical images that [Nedelcu] has brought about through fantasy, humour, and an original and coherent style” – National Courier / Curierul Național on Nedelcu’s ‘98 production of What Shall We Do With The Cello?

This production is made possible with support from The Romanian Cultural Institute.

“Directed by Romanian Director Vasile Nedelcu, and staged with considerable visual flair… this was theatre of an impressive quality.” Birmingham Words on Peer Gynt
“The production superbly brings out the brilliance of Ibsen’s vision. With Romanian director Vasile Nedelcu at the helm, the show is endlessly inventive” Birmingham Post on Peer Gynt
“This is a show to stimulate young imaginations and show them the beauty, thrill, drama, and wonder of stories. Few productions come as clever and captivating as this.” Derby Telegraph on The Snow Queen
“No tacky tinsel, no pop songs, no cheap jokes, just pure magic. Truly enchanting.” The Observer on The Snow Queen
“Charming, special, universal” ★★★★ Dutch publication Theaterkrant on the Amsterdam production of My Father Held a Gun
“In my opinion, Vasile Nedelcu could be considered the champion of Romanian texts of undeniable difficulty, inspirationally staged. His productions assert an authentic artistic vocation and a professional destiny that is worthy of our interest.” Ion Parhon, Free Romania (Romania libera)

What Shall We Do With the Cello? is presented by Atelier Theatre Studio, a Brighton Fringe award-winning company with a growing reputation for sparkling productions ranging from Ibsen to Ionesco.

Director: Vasile Nedelcu
Music by: Iancu Dumitrescu
Designer: Denisa Dumitrescu
Choreographer: Mălina Andrei
Sound and Video Designer: Diego Barraza, www.saguardastudios.com
Poster design by: Sarah Dixon, http://spidercreative.co.uk

Cast: Simona Armstrong, Mihai Arsene, Tudor Smoleanu, and Nick Allen (Modulus Quartet) on cello.

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