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VAULT Film Festival 2016

SUNDAYS 4.30pm – 6pm
7th, 14th, 21st & 28th February

Brand new for 2016, the VAULT Film Festival is free to attend and provides an eclectic selection of films from all over the world.

Curated and selected by Niger Asije, editor of the New Current, the Festival also includes in-kind partnership with ECU Film Festival in Paris which will allow us to bring the Best of ECU to London in 2016.

Sunday 7th February

4.30pm – 6pm. Pay what you like.

Catching Fireflies

US | 19min | Dir. Lee Whittaker – ÉCU Alumni

A little girl attempts to escape the rigours and misfortunes of the ghetto through the power of her mystical imagination while simultaneously trying to protect the bond with her addict mother.

Todo Lo Demas (Everything Else)

Spain | 8min | Dir. Federico Untermann – ÉCU Alumni

Laura and Miguel discover the limits of their love.

Un Tour de Cheville (The Anklet)

France | 12min | Dir. Guillaume Levil

At the top of a mountain, a man clumsily recites his declaration of love.


UK | 11min | Dir. Kara Smith

Set in 1960s London, Blotter is psychedelic exchange between a doctor and his patient as they trip on LSD. What seemingly feels like a normal conversation between a housewife and her therapist melts into a trippy projection of ire and lust.

For George

UK | 23min | Dir. Francesca Jaynes

For George is a poignant and gently funny look at three generations of a family as they come together for the funeral of ballroom dancing champion, George. Seven year old Bobbie is comforted by his own explanation of the great mystery of death – that in fact Great Uncle George has been rescued from the box by Jesus and taken back to Birmingham.

La Propina (The Tip)

Spain | 11min | Dir. Estaban Crespo – ÉCU Alumni

Life is incredible! The encounter between a bygone movie star and a flower delivery boy turns into a fable with unexpected endings.


Spain| 3min | Dir. Beatriu Vallès Jimeno – ÉCU Alumni

Irma is an experimental short film that reflects on the sadness. How we face it, how it affects us, how we personify it, how we live it, how we accept it, how we overcome it. A trip to our inner world of feelings and sensations.

The Invinsibles

1min | Denmark | Dir. Pelle Folmer – ÉCU Alumni

A Micro Short.

Sunday 14th February

4.30pm – 6pm. Pay what you like.

Shards of a Broken Promise

UK | 15min | Dir. Jonell Rowe (World Premiere)

Romantic, Fantasy Drama, short film. The film explores the central themes of Broken Promises, Consequence, regret, obsession, Love and Neglect, which are all represented through the main protagonist, Richard Matthews personal journey towards redemption and the shifting dynamic between himself and his Partner Samantha.

Omul (Human)

Germany | 10min 50sec | Dir. Brigitte Drodtloff – ÉCU Alumni

He is a silent man. He walks the streets, watching, looking for the right place. He finds it. In the middle of a market. He sets up a stand. But instead of selling his goods, the silent man gives them away for free. The other sellers watch. They feel provoked. The situation escalates. They lose control. But in the end… there is hope.


UK | 20min | Dir. Christine Sherwood

‘Lashes’ is a short film about a teenage girl who realizes that the world she was trying to fit into isn’t everything she had hoped it would be.

Night Four

US | 6min 50Sec | Dir. Chris Dougherty – UK Premiere

In the comedy “Night Four,” newly adoptive parents and partners Lauren and Brooke struggle with how to handle their crying infant daughter…and things get out of hand.

Arrivederci Rosa

UK | 18min | Dir. Flaminia Graziadei – ÉCU Alumni

Two old school friends from Rome meet up again in London. Rosa’s a joy, Andi’s a swot. Rosa’s lust for life helps her friend to see it’s not about being gay, being straight or being Rosa. It’s just about being true.

‘Don’t’ – Mooji

5min | Dir. Graham Smith

Set in a dystopian future, Don’t is a powerful story of human emotion. Don’t is the second track from Mooji’s debut EP ‘Double Agent’.

Adam in the Sky

UK | 7min | Dir. Wilhelmina Hayward

A young girl struggles to fully understand the concept of death and loss.


UK | 5min 54sec | Dir. Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo

‘Palimpsest’ is a short film that delves into the illusion of destiny and the pit falls of its allure. It takes the audience through a journey of discovery to understand the past in hope of preventing history from repeating itself.

Sunday 21st February

4.30pm – 6pm. Pay what you like.


Spain | 5min | Dir. Guillermo Madurga – ÉCU Alumni

Where would you go if you could go anywhere? Nowhereland it’s a trip through the imagination of a young couple who dreams to escape and share their privacy far away from the world that theyare living.

Exit Road

US/Portugal | 13min | Dir. Yuri Alves – ÉCU Alumni

Dane thought he left his demons and his drug addiction behind him, but his first day out of prison challenges both his promise to go clean and his very survival.

Last Will: Idyll

Germany | 12min | Dir. Alice von Gwinner – ÉCU Alumni

”Don’t just live on earth, be a part of it.” That’s the slogan of the latest invention of the Idyll company. There works Anja in an open plan office and escapes to find her own idyll in life.

Annas Augen (Anna’s Eyes)

Spain | 9min | Dir. Beatriu Vallès Jimeno – ÉCU Alumni

Anna wakes up one day with an old concern. There is something in her life that doesn’t work. Unable to continue with the daily routine, she goes out. She spends the day walking through the streets, reflecting and observing the people. Everything she sees leads her to make a decision.

Sick To My Bones

UK | 14min 28sec | Dir. Matthew Leonhart & Guy Davis

During her last days, a warrior pulls her prisoner through a deserted wasteland towards salvation.

Our Father

UK | 10min | Dir. Artur Zaremba

Unable to find peace and connect with his mother, Lawrence seeks distraction from his demons by volunteering for an emotional support helpline. A desperate phone call from a suicidal man makes him face the past and pushes the boy to the breaking point.

Beneath Water

UK | 15min | Dir. Charlie Manton

On the first anniversary of a traumatic life changing event, 16 year old Daisy attempts to get through to her increasingly withdrawn mother. Is her only solace beneath water?

Bystander Effect

Germany | 10min | Dir. Matthias Neumayer

Roughly a dozen people witness a crime on the very premises of their residential neighbourhood. But while the young woman falls prey to an obsessed rapist, they decide to simply watch and stand by.

Sunday 28th February

4.30pm – 6pm. Pay what you like.

‘If You Wait – TEITUR

Denmark | 5min | Dir. Sara Nanna Jørgensen – UK Premiere

A small creature is fascinated by a silver box. Administration strives something bigger but is paralyzed. Soon it is joined by other small creatures…

‘King’ – Eden Roxx

4min 50sec | UK | Dir. Gino Ricardo Green

King is a cinematic Music Video that shows the moment a champion boxer rises to the top, but falls from grace within his relationship.


Spain | 8min | Dir. Marta Medina del Valle – ÉCU Alumni

Ametsa has been in a clinic for some months, the same time she has not been able to sleep. Affected by a strange type of insomnia, she tries to bear the sleeplessness as best she can. But months go by and Ametsa starts to doubt whether her condition may get better.

Frau im Mond (Woman on the Moon)

UK/Poland | 5min 28sec | Dir. Kasia Prus – UK Premiere

FRAU im mond is recreation, reconstruction and rediscovery of one of the most important event in the human history – told as if woman was the first man on the moon.


Spain | 8min | Dir. Dídac Gimeno – ÉCU Alumni

One night, a young girl gets lost in the lamp shop where she works, there ghosts and visions scares and attracts her at the same time.


UK | 5min | Dir. Al Carretta

James Dean in hell not realising he’s dead…

SOS Redux

UK | 4min | Dir. Al Carretta

James Dean is in hell and three girls find a broken ring on a beach….. This film is a direct accompaniment to ‘SOS’.


UK | 2min 30sec | Dir. Andrew Richardson – ÉCU Alumni

A silent movie following the relationship of a young couple through their physical behaviour as their desire to be connected creates moments of bliss, but also increasingly destructive behaviour.

My Dog

UK | 4min 52sec | Dir. Joe Whitney

Short film by Joe Whitney (2014/15) featuring feral philosophies of Jake Vegas. Nominated for Best Local Film at Portobello Film Festival 2015 and screened at Monarch, Berlin.

‘You Return, Therefore’ – LUBICH&DAVIDSEN

3min | Denmark | Dir. Sarah Lubich

A film that captures the unexplainable that we, as human beings, are part of. Danish Artfilm by Sara Lubich.

‘Stop All Jerk’ – Bikini Machine

4min 47sec | France | Dir. Armel Gourvennec – ÉCU Alumni

Are you one of those? Do you remember the fifties? No? So please stop it and go for a ride !

Over My Dead Body

UK | 31min | Dir. James King & James Carney – Closing Night Film

Two talentless screenwriters, forced to share a cramped sweaty studio lot writers room in 1940s Hollywood, race for a deadline, stopping at nothing to outdo each other – even if it means murder.

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