Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Exploring the VAULT programme is hungry work – but we’ve got you covered. The Balkano Kitchen and our main bars are open to the public, with or without a ticket, so you can grab a bite before the show or just come in out of the cold and see what’s on offer.

Continuing the culinary journey of this year’s VAULT is Balkano Kitchen, offering a mouth-watering selection of meals and hot snacks influenced by the finest tastes of Eastern Europe. Following in the footsteps of The Suffolk Punch in 2016 and Forza Win in 2015, the Kitchen’s got pre-show, post-show, and just-for-fun foods to make sure you can make the most of your visit to VAULT.

Balkano’s menu is about embracing the wider Balkan Peninsula including some Greek and Turkish influence. I want to give people a really great, quick alternative to your average posh kebab joint.

– Chef Martin Shaw

Balkano is inspired by chef Martin H Shaw’s travels in Eastern Europe. Martin’s worked for the Conran Group, alongside Tom Aiken and at the award-winning Cake Shop Bakery, Woodbridge. At Balkano he is serving up heart-warming ‘bitey’ and ‘mighty’ sized plates including Hungary Hot Potato, Smoky Serb Salsa and flatbread, plus larger plates such as Chicken or Courgette Souvlaki with Labneh.

If it’s liquid refreshment you’re after, come anytime and make the most of our five bars, serving everything from ales and lagers to wine and cocktails. You don’t need a show ticket to enjoy the bar, so bring your friends for a brilliant night out or come into the warmth on a Sunday afternoon for a Bloody Mary and some boardgames; we’ve got a spot for you, either way.

The Menu

Bitey Dishes: £4

Mighty Dishes: £9

Combo: Any Bitey & Mighty Dish for £12!

Bitey size

all veggie – £4

Hungary Hot Potato (v)
‘Soul-warming trinity of tomatoes, potatoes and cheese’

Slavic Slaw (v)
‘Zested gherkins, chilli and cabbage with Balkan seasoning’

Smoky Serb Salsa & Flatbread (v)
‘Aubergines, peppers and tomatoes in a recipe from the hearth’

Mighty size

all delicious – £9

Bosnian Sausage, Beets and Kajmak Cheese
‘Be Bold! A flatbread parcel of meat, beet and pomegranate

Chicken Souvlaki with Labneh
‘The Archduke of Chicken Kebab Wraps, with smoked aubergine’

Courgette Souvlaki with Labneh (v)
‘The Archduke’s vegetarian brother’

Super Smash Goulash
‘Strong, Hot, Marriage-Inducing Beef and Paprika Stew’

The Drinks

We’ve got eight fully stocked bars ready to serve.

We’re proud to once again be serving draught beer from Meantime, who this year are bringing us their famed London Pale Ale, the ridiculously tasty Yakima Red, and the Bavarian-style Pilsner.