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Your braincells can’t repel fun of this magnitude.

VAULT Festival is proud to present a week-long celebration of all things geek.

If it wasn’t clear from PROXIMA V or our SCIFI-LENT DISCO, there’s a big vein of nerdly pursuits running through VAULT 2017, and we’re decidedly unashamed. For one week only, we’re building our own wretched hive of scum and villainy right here at The Vaults, and packing it with the shows and events you’re looking for – a whole gamete of comedy, questing and more nerdy fun than you can shake a foam sword at, curated with the darkly magickal help of legendary Dungeon Master Paul Flannery (he of Knightmare: Live and The MMORPG Show). Scroll down for the listings and book early to avoid disappointment.

But one does not simply walk into The Admiral’s Backbar – by nightfall, these hills will be swarming with Orcs and you’d better be prepared to do battle. We’ve got a mountain of boardgames, a truckload of videogames and an unruly cadre of hosts ready to help you learn and enjoy them all. Or, if you like, bring your own games or roleplaying group down and grab a table – we promise it’ll be the friendliest environment you’ve ever rolled 20s in.

Play with us for free in the Punch Up and Punch Down at VAULT in the final week of February. It’s double XP all week.


  • Eight different shows, from comedy to questing
  • Tons of boardgames (Free to play)
  • Multi-generation consoles (Free to play)
  • Live Interactive VR Demonstration
  • Rock Club (from 6pm Saturday) – Unabashedly raucous communal Rock Band
  • Reasonably priced Mana Potions
  • More surprises TBA

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